Back Pain

Back Pain in Mississauga The European Massage and Physiotherapy Center Can Help

Suffering from back pain in Mississauga is one of the most common ailments that people deal with and can be due to any number of factors. A few common everyday mistakes that can cause this include:

  • Bad posture
  • Improper movement (e.g. when moving heavy objects)
  • Failure to properly warm up before participating in physical activity
  • Obesity

In more serious cases, even medical professionals do not always agree on exactly what the cause of back pain might be. In addition to skeletal irregularities, such as scoliosis and medical conditions, such as arthritis, sciatica or osteoporosis, back pain may be attributable to muscle or ligament strain, or a bulging or ruptured spinal disc.

What is a Spinal Disc?

The human spine is made up of a series of round bone discs that are flat on the bottom and top and attached to the vertebrae above and below them. The individual discs are somewhat pliant to provide shock absorption for the spine. As we age, the spine undergoes changes that can make us more prone to injury, which can lead to pain in the lower back and legs, as well as other symptoms, such as numbness and weakness.
Some more serious conditions that can cause back pain include:


This condition manifests as lower back pain that travels through the buttocks and down the back of both legs. Sciatica is often a symptom of lower back problems, such as a lumbar herniated disc, or degenerative disc disease.


The most chronic condition that affects the joints, osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage cushion that is located between joints breaks down. Specific to back pain, this will occur when cartilage in between discs of the spine begins to break down.


Osteoporosis is a bone disease that causes the body to lose too much bone, make too little bone, or both. Osteoporotic bones have lost density or mass and contain abnormal tissue structure. As bones become less dense, they become weak and more likely to break. Specific to back pain, osteoporosis typically affects the lower back. Osteoporosis is not uncommon; Studies suggest that approximately 50% of women and as many as 25% of men age 50 and older will experience bone breakage due to osteoporosis. Other effects of osteoporosis include limited mobility or a stooped or hunched posture. Bone breakage, especially in older patients is a serious complication of osteoporosis and is most likely to occur in the hip, spine or wrist. Many patients require long-term nursing care after suffering a serious bone break, and 20% of seniors who break a hip die within one year from complications related to either the broken bone itself or to the surgery that was intended to repair it.

External factors

External factors that may cause back pain or injury include:
  • Car accidents
  • Sports injuries

European Massage & Physiotherapy Center offers solutions to relieve the effects of common back pain problems through Massage Therapy, Decompression Therapy, and Laser Therapy. If you're unsure of what may be the best treatment for you, don't hesitate to visit the clinic today and find out what can be done for you.

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