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The stress of everyday life takes a toll on our bodies. Whether we spend our days working on the computer, playing sports, or performing manual labour, our joints and muscles go through a lot. Stay comfortable and feel great with the multidisciplinary team at European Massage and Physiotherapy in Mississauga. We provide a wide range of services designed help our Mississauga physiotherapy patients improve mobility, strength, posture, and overall well-being.

Our Range of Services


If your day-to-day life is impacted by pain or discomfort, physiotherapy at the hands of skilled professionals may be the solution.

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Massage Therapy

Let the skilled hands of the Registered Massage Therapists at European Massage and Physiotherapy help you relieve stress, reduce pain, and perhaps most importantly, relax!

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Motor Vehicle Accident

At European Massage and Physiotherapy, we can help you recover from injuries sustained in a car accident.

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Graston Technique

The physiotherapists at European Massage and Physiotherapy are experts in the Graston Technique, a form of therapy using stainless steel instruments, which is effective in breaking down scar tissue to reduce inflammation and pain, while increasing mobility.

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Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Are you about to have cartilage surgery around your knee, ankle or shoulder? You should be aware that you’ll likely need a lengthy recovery period. The physiotherapists at European Massage and Physiotherapy provide post-surgery rehabilitation, which can take anywhere from a few months to a year to restore your joint(s) motion, the muscle strength around your joint(s) and the functionality of your joint(s).

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